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infinito solutions is a web service/product owned and run by company infinito solutions @ all rights reserved.

These Terms & Conditions regulate the use of all products and services provided by Infinito Solutions, the website “www.infinitosolutions.in” and its content included. They contain several documents, primarily Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Mediation Agreement.

BY USING THE WEBSITES Infinito Solutions (AND THEIR CONTENT) AND/OR SERVICES OF Infinito Solutions, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS AND ACCEPT THEM IN FULL INCLUDING ANY AMENDMENTS, REVISIONS OR CHANGES MADE IN THESE CONDITIONS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE CONDITIONS OR IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE BOUND BY THEM, DO NOT USE THE Infinito Solutions WEBSITE, PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. The company Infinito Solutions reserves the right to revise or change these conditions in accordance with its consideration to reflect legal, technical, or any other change in the status quo with no prior notice. The latest update of this agreement is available on the websites “Infinito Solutions“. Therefore all users are strongly recommended to read this agreement carefully and search for updates. These documents are valid in compliance with the latest update.

General Overview
The website Infinito Solutions, it’s content and related products and services are available to all adult individuals who are authorized to conclude contracts (binding agreements). The proof of this criterion in the form of identification data or contact details can be requested when entering any (or some) of the services.

The agreement conditions agreement is between Us (Infinito Solutions) and the Users. No other person is entitled to benefit from this agreement.

If any court or regulator decides that any provision of these Terms of Service is invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such provision shall be severed and deleted from these Conditions and the remaining terms and conditions shall continue to have full force and effect.

If the conditions are inconsistent with the conditions noted on your registration with Infinito Solutions (if applicable), the Conditions will prevail, unless otherwise specified on additional documents supplied by the Customer Care Infinito Solutions.
1. Definitions
Wherever found in the Conditions, “You”, “Your” and “User”, it refers to the user of website, products, and/or services of Infinito Solutions and this is how these words and related words shall be interpreted. Also words “We”, “Our” and “Infinito Solutions” refer to the company Infinito Solutions and should be interpreted accordingly. The expression “User Information” refers to the personal details that can be collected by Us on the website Infinito Solutions and/or at the time of registration and/or acquisition to/of any services or products of Infinito Solutions. The expression “Our websites” refers to the websites “www.devopsaws.online” and all websites that are associated with it. However, the expression “websites Infinito Solutions” refers to the websites of our users, this means the websites created using the system Infinito Solutions. The “Third Party” refers to any person/subject/company which are not associated with Infinito Solutions.

2. Services Available
2.1 Start Free Trial

One or more Services will be made available to You free of charge until the full exhaust of a given credit on the User account.

2.2 Paid services
The Purchased Services shall be made available to You pursuant to this agreement and the relevant Order Forms. You agree that Your purchases hereunder are not contingent on the delivery of any future functionality or features and that they are not dependent on any oral or written public comments which We made regarding future functionality or features.

3. User Content
User is fully responsible for all content they upload, publish or display (or hereinafter “post”) on the website or through the Service of the website, or transmit to or share with other users (collectively the “User Content”). You may not display, transmit, or share User Content on the website or service which You did not create or which you have not permission to post. You understand and agree that Infinito Solutions can, but is not obliged to, review the website and can delete or completely remove any site content ore user content without any notice in its complete discretion, for any reason or no reason, including user content that in the sole judgment of Infinito Solutions violates this agreement or that can be offensive, illegal, or which may violate the rights, harm or threaten user´s safety or safety of the others. You are fully responsible at your sole cost and expenses for creating backup copies and replacing any user content that you post or store on the website or that you provide to Infinito Solutions.

Whenever post user content is posted to the website, You authorize and direct Us to make such copies thereof as we deem necessary in accordance with facilitating the posting and storage of the user content on the website. When You post user content to any part of the website, You grant, represent, and warrant that You are allowed to grant, to the Infinito Solutions irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully-paid, transferable, worldwide license (with the sublicense right) to copy, use, publically display and perform, translate, reformat, except (in part or in whole) and distribute this user content for any purpose, commercial and other, on the website or in connection with the website or its promotion, to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate in other works, eg. user content, and to authorize or grant sublicenses of the foregoing. User content can be removed by You from the website at any time. In case you decide to remove Your user content, the license which is granted above will expire automatically. However, You acknowledge that Infinito Solutions can retain copies of Your content which are archived. Infinito Solutions does not assert ownership over user content, rather, as between Us and You, subject to the rights which are in these Conditions granted to Us, You retain full ownership of all user content that belongs to You and any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights which are associated with your user content.

You agree that the content will be in your system marked to show in the public marketplace will be displayed to other users of the Internet and public users are allowed to access for a fee which you set up or for free. Content made available for purchase has to remain available unless users who paid the fee have finished with the content, in the case due is still in the future.

4. Contract and the Revocation of the Contract
4.1 Contract

A binding contract is made between You and Infinito Solutions at the moment of Your order. It is taken as confirmed once the payment is finished. “Successfully completed payment” is defined in a way that the sole amount is paid, and in the administration of Your account the invoice can be found in the section “Administration” under the button “Wallet- Transaction”. You cannot ask for the cancellation of the services ordered.

4.2 Revocation of the Contract
You can ask for revocation of all the services at any time in case no fee refund is demanded. The request for cancellation of services or their change (ie. anything that has the effect on the functionality of Your project) has to be presented by You (the project owner) in written form (by e-mail), from the e-mail address used when registering their project.

4.3 Contract Duration
Contracts about the purchase of additional services are concluded for a period of 1 year. For other services, if not stated differently upon purchase, the contract ends once the service is activated.

5. Payments, Fees, and Compensations
5.1 Payment

It is possible to pay for the services by PayPal or Your credit card via the PayPal services.

5.2 Currency
If it is not stated differently, all fees are quoted in Indian currency or Rupees (depending on the currency that You had selected). The user is responsible for the payment of all the fees and related taxes that are associated with our website and services using a valid method of payment.

5.3 Credit Account
Any fees which are subtracted from the User´s Infinito Solutions credit account which is filled based upon User´s free consideration in relation to the future use of our services. In case the credit on the user´s account is exhausted and therefore no services can be ordered, the account stays available for the user´s use anyway, with the limitation on the use of the services with paid functionality.

The services where the repetitive use has been set (enrolls and other services) will be paused in case the attempt to re-enroll was done unless the credit is re-filled in order to cover respective fees and the user manually reactivates.

5.4 The Currency of Credit Account
In the administrative section of the account, the currency of the Wallet can be set. In the case of currency conversion, the current ECB exchange rate is used. Your fees in the system related to the currency You have chosen will subject to related fees. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of exchange rates we get from external sources.

5.5. Taxes and Fees
If not stated differently, taxes, duties, levies, or similar governmental assessments of any kind, including but not limited to VAT, use or withholding taxes, sales, assessable by any local, provincial, state, federal or foreign jurisdiction (those are collectively called “Taxes”) have not been included in our fees. The user is responsible for paying all of these taxes which are associated with their purchase hereunder. In case we are obliged to pay or collect Taxes for which the user is responsible under this paragraph, the corresponding amount will be paid and invoiced to You if you do not provide us with a valid tax exemption certificate which has been authorized by the appropriate taxing authority. To clarify, we are completely responsible for the taxes which are assessable against it or based on our income, employees, or property.

6 Ownership of the Content
The user is bound to the fact that he/she will not post or make otherwise available any materials that they do not own on the Infinito Solutions website with no express consent of the owner in law.

7. Continuous Improvement Process
As the quality of services and products We provide belongs to our main priorities, we continuously improve our services/products (Continuous Improvement Process), both in technological as well as user-friendly means.

8. Jurisdiction
“Any claims and/or disputes shall be settled by Bangalore High courts”.

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